Meet Piico,
born from the belief in one thing:
bringing out the fun & confidence in you through flossing.

  • Colorful Flavors

    Piico has developed
    different flavors
    to satisfy people's expectations
    for floss picks.
    Flossing is no longer a routine.
    Cleaning your teeth can be fun!
  • Complete product line

    Piico has a complete line of
    family products o help parents
    cultivate their children teeth cleaning habits.
    We are committed to developing a wide range of new products to provide more choices in the floss stick market.
  • Dual line Dual clean

    Piico finds out that the dual-line
    design is more efficient for the
    cleaning experience.
    That's why we've adopted the
    dual line design for each of our products,
    so that users can use them more smoothly.

We’re here to make you smile.

A high quality floss pick
for the modern generation,
the Piico flosser focuses on the pursuit
of quality for the modern lifestyle.

Through a good cleaning experience,
it is easier for people to develop
the habit of flossing.
We want everyone to smile with confidence!

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The cute design
attracts children's attention,
helping kids automatically develope a
good habit of flossing.
Piico is a reliable partner for children.

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The Flavor Series uses a
crystal powder technology.
Also, the floral series is a special fragrance
that allows users to feel fresh and choose their
own flavor to show a different day.

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Choosing your floss picks doesn’t have to be complicated. But if you’re unsure, that’s why we’re here. Let’s talk floss types and packs. We’d love to hear from you!

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