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Our Story

Who We Are

Piico is an oral  essentials company that believes in one thing: bringing out the fun and confidence in you through flossing.

For years,  teeth cleaning used to be done only in a  dentist office. With Piico, you can access oral care right from your pocket. Our stylish and practically-packed  dental picks are designed to help you achieve total health dental care whenever, wherever.

Piico is here to prove that flossing can be fun, and having perfect teeth doesn’t have to be complicated. Plus, with Piico, you don’t have to walk around with a piece of salad stuck to your teeth all day.

What We Do

We’re here to make sure you cut down on  dental health services while still doing what your dentist tells you: floss. Also, we make sure you’ll always have a  floss pick handy to take care of those pesky food crumbs that stick to your teeth during the day.

How We Do It

Our signature picks are designed to appeal to adults and kids, turning flossing from a chore into a self-care habit. We’ve created  dental picks that you can carry around effortlessly in your shirt or jeans pocket. We’ve made picks designed to make your children  want to floss.

Why We Do It

Flossing is almost always overlooked by a lot of people, causing  oral cavity and other dental problems down the line. We’re here to make sure that you never have to make an excuse not to floss ever again.