Piico is not only a brand but also your best partner !
Based on a good Concern for everyone’s oral health,
we are committed developing healthy and reassuring products.
Make your daily flossing be an interesting lifestyle.

Let’s smile with fun and confidence !

We're here to make you smile.

Piico is an oral essentials company
that believes in one thing :
bringing out the fun and confidence in you through flossing.
We wanted to make flossers even
more convenient, allowing you to access dental care right from your pocket.

A fun habit rather than a chore.

Flossing is almost always overlooked
by a lot of people,
causing oral cavity and other dental problems down the line.
We're here to make sure that you never
have to make an excuse not to
floss ever again.

We're here to prove that flossing can be fun!

Having perfect teeth doesn't have to be complicated.
You can cut down on dental services
while practicing what your dentist tells you : floss.
We've created quality floss picks and turned them into accessories
that help keep your dental wellness in check.