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Our Story

Who is Piico?

Hear us out when we say that the concept of Gentle Parenting and promoting good oral health shares a common denominator. For many parents, teaching kids to develop positive oral habits is not a walk in the park. Flossing, for example, is a necessary part of a dental routine, but necessary doesn't entirely mean fun or easy.

How then, can you guide your little ones to develop healthy dental routines that can give them their cutest, gap teeth smiles? Two keywords: partnership and encouragement, two values at the core of the concept of gentle parenting.

Here at Piico, we believe in the power of injecting fun even in the most mundane of things. Teaching your kids how to floss is not just a must-do, it's playtime with a twist! A floss pick is not just a dental pick but their favorite dinosaur that can come in the brightest of colors!

Piico is here to prove that flossing can be fun, and having perfect teeth doesn’t have to be complicated.
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What We Do

We’re here to make sure you cut down on dental health services while still doing what your dentist tells you: floss.
Also, we make sure you’ll always have a floss pick handy to take care of those pesky food crumbs that stick to your teeth during the day.

How We Do It

Our signature picks are designed to appeal to adults and kids, turning flossing from a chore into a self-care habit. We’ve created dental picks that you can carry around effortlessly in your shirt or jeans pocket. We’ve made picks designed to make your children want to floss.

Why We Do It

Flossing is almost always overlooked by a lot of people, causing oral cavity and other dental problems down the line. We’re here to make sure that you never have to make an excuse not to floss ever again.