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Piico Mint Dental Floss Picks (100 Count)

Piico Mint Dental Floss Picks (100 Count)

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Minty Floss Picks Infused with Xylitol Formula. Smile with fresh breath all day! The new fresh picks mint flavor has crystal technology for long-lasting freshness. No need for breath fresheners.

Double Floss Picks for Effortless Cleaning. Flossing is a breeze with its dual-line design, our floss pick slides smoothly between teeth to remove plaque and food debris. Spend less time flossing and more time eating.

Slim Yet Strong Floss Sticks for Adults. It's a drag when a flimsy toothpick floss gets stuck between your teeth. That’s why our dental floss picks are made with durability in mind. Say goodbye to tangles and shredding.

Dental Floss Sticks On The Go. Oral care anywhere, anytime. Piico’s mint pick floss sticks come in portable and resealable packs. Not enough space in your bag? No problem!  Slip it in your pocket and you're good to go!

Double Flosser Saves Time. Running out of floss toothpicks? Piico saves you the trip to your local drugstore. With every purchase, you get 100 floss picks - that's three months worth of savings! 
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