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Piico Jasmine Flavored Dental Floss Picks (100 Count)

    • ❰Won’t Break During Use❱ Floss without fraying getting in your way. Piico’s durable-yet-gentle nylon floss picks help you clean your teeth in peace. It won’t break on you, so you won’t have to get another tooth floss from the pack again.
    • ❰One-Of-A-Kind Floral Flavor❱ A daily routine that can instantly transport you to a Jasmine garden? Only with Piico. Xylitol-powered rose-flavored dental floss picks blocks oral enemies with a refreshing floral taste and hint of mint.
    • ❰Glides Between Tight Teeth❱ With Piico tooth picks flossers, you won’t find yourself with floss stuck between your teeth. It glides easily but has enough friction to remove plaques and stubborn food. Slim yet strong!
    • ❰Doubles As A Pick❱ Our teeth flossers also double as a tooth pick for those stubborn leftovers that won’t get off your teeth. Just flip the floss, and you have an instant dental pick. Remove debris however you want: floss or pick. Or even both!
    • ❰Oral Care Anytime, Anywhere❱ You don’t need a separate travel case anymore. Piico’s dental floss & picks come in portable and resealable packs. Slip it in your pocket or your purse and you're good to go!